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The Assufil by Promoitalia tensor thread lift are considered as the new gold standard for tensor AOP thread. Promoitalia's Assufil threads are approved by the FDA. 


However the ASsufil tensor aesthetic thread lift is produced according to a much higher manufacturing process than some others on the market. 


ASsufil is produced in Europe in a facility that strictly complies with European directives on e. 


The production site is the only one with the technology to manufacture the PDO substance and makes the wire itself, which makes it completely unique and exclusive. 


ASsufil tensor thread lift have been proven and, compared to others, are superior 

What is Polydioxanone? 

Polydioxanone or PDO is basically a polymer and, it seems, a polymer that the body knows well and that reacts little or not at all to the human body. 


It has been used for decades for surgical suture and its use is considered extremely safe.

Normal polydioxanone is designed to be absorbed as in the case of resorbable stitches during surgery, but for aesthetic reasons of rejuvenation, it needs more longevity to last several months or even years. 

In terms of longevity, the PDO we manufacture to create the 


ASsufil HD-PDO wire is clinically engineered to deliver high-density, more durable and durable HD.


That's why doctors are getting such a good result with this HD-PDO product 


Aesthetic medicine has now reached a turning point with the use of a new generation of AOP (polydioxanone) yarns that enable aesthetic physicians to provide outstanding non-surgical esthetic results. 


ASsufil is now considered the new gold standard for more durable advanced absorbent yarns. 

See the laying of the Assufil Promitalia PDO tensor wires in Video: 


Made in Italy by Promoitalia, the European leader in threading, ASsufil is a fully resorbable, safe and effective nonsurgical alternative for certain short-term face and body lift procedures. 


Not only do the Assufil tensor lift give exceptional patient results, but the Assufil range is composed of fully resorbable sutures, made of PDO (polydioxanone), specifically designed to resist enzymatic attacks and stimulate the skin optimally and homogeneously. 


The particular manufacturing process guarantees extreme flexibility and tensile strength. 


Compared to standard multifilament sutures, Assufil is more biocompatible and more resistant to bacterial adhesion, essential for ensuring safety and biocompatibility. 


The Promoitalia innovation

Thanks to a special manufacturing process that adjusts temperature and pressure, Promoitalia is able to reduce the degree of porosity and crystallinity of the polymer material, without modifying the degree of elasticity and skin integration. 


The Assufill Tensioning Ties have a longer life than traditional AOP surgical sutures. 


Assufil tensile yarns are specially designed for the face and body. 

Implantation is performed on an outpatient basis without the need for anesthesia, applying a maximum of 15/20 minutes of local anesthetic cream. 


How are ASsufil HD-PDO threads different?


  • The polymer we use for ASsufil is designed for lifter, and for rejuvenation.
  • The crystallization and quality of this HD-PDO are also different from those of normal PDO and we are able to offer you different types of PDO threads. 
  • For example, one of our series of AOP yarns lasts between six and eight months, and another series can last up to two years. 
  • We also created a special device designed in Italy to create the stakes equally. 
  • One of the important features of these new generation PDO yarns is that the barbs must be created equally, so that they lift the tissue and create the same amount of collagen or microfibrosis required for asymmetric results in the tissue. time. Another important device we use scans each barb in the production line. 
  • If a wire does not exactly match the wire, it is not taken into account, which makes ASsufil HD PDO threads unique. 
How long can a patient expect an ASsufil wire lift procedure? 
  • It really depends on the procedure to follow. 
  • The minimum duration is eight months for certain indications, eighteen months for other indications and some sons up to three years.
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