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MIRACLAR NIGHT CREAM Bottle of 50 ml Detoxifying and anti-pollution night cream Miraclar, repairs your skin daily aggression: air pollution, dryness, UV.

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Bottle of 50 ml 


Detoxifying and anti-pollution night cream Miraclar, repairs your skin daily aggression: air pollution, dryness, UV. 

The Miraclar night cream is very creamy, it gives you an instant soothing, and helps to repair the epidermis during the night. 


The two floral waters of calendula and chamomile that contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties accelerating the process of cellulite regeneration during sleep. 


The shea butter associated with the avocado oil contained in the formula of the Miraclar Night Cream moisturizes, nourishes, protects and repairs your during the night. Miraclar night cream is suitable for all skin types Active 


Composition of Miraclar Night Cream:


Organic silicon is a trace mineral essential to keep skin healthy. It brings the intense and necessary hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis and thus, reduces wrinkles and fight against skin aging. 

Vitamin E: Micro-nutrient with anti-oxidant power and protective skin cells against free radicals, 'increases the production of collagen for a better regeneration of the epidermis. 

Allantoin: Soothing, moisturizing and restorative action comes in the composition of creams that restore the suppleness and brightness of the skin, used for sensitive skin, as well as for skin with imperfections 

Shea butter: extract of the shea fruit, has nutritive virtues and intense moisturizing, restores the skin barrier, and repairs the epidermis. 

Avocado oil, with an anti-aging action is a valued component in the formulas of care that can limit the appearance of signs of age. It softens and nourishes the skin to restore elasticity, softness and comfort. It also has a restructuring and regenerating side, ideal to be used before sleep. 

Calendula Hydrolat regulates and repairs the skin, especially combination to oily skin. Its anti-itch and anti-irritation side gives it soothing and soothing properties. also known to improve healing and disinfection of wounds. 

Hydrolat Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and analgesic, refresh your skin

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