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» » » NOSE COG (Corrects imperfections of the nose, raises the tip)
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NOSE COG (Corrects imperfections of the nose, raises the tip)

Reference - WRNOSEC9
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Pack of 6 Threads
The Most High-end! Approved by CE, German Notified Body, FDA, KFDA and GMP, ISO13485 certified
These threads allow you to raise the tip of your nose, and correct imperfections

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Pack of 6 Threads


A bump or wrinkle on the nose can quickly be considered a stain these days. Thanks to the innovative possibility of lifting the threads, it is now possible to correct these imperfections without surgery. 


The White Rose Threads for the nose come from the most premium brand WhiteRose, the only ones approved by CE, German Notified Body, FDA, KFDA and GMP, ISO13485: 2016 certified. 


The White Rose MNV Threads can be placed in the nose with just tiny stitches. 


They were made using the pressure method, which makes the wires much stronger and more stable. In this process, the biodegradable polydioxanone (PDO) substance is pressed into a solid form and this pressure creates the sprocket threads of the nose line for lifting. 


The threads are provided with small notches so that it is almost impossible for the wires to slip after the injection, because these tiny notches provide an anchorage in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the patient. 


During the treatment, the thread slides through the skin without causing pain, as the thread cannot retreat thanks to the barbs. 


Benefits of Nose Cog Threads in the nasal area:


  • The patient is usually able to socialize again immediately , Leaves no residue in the nose , Effective time up to two years



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