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SCULPTRA (2x5 ml)

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SCUPTRA 2 X 5 ML Implant injectable temporaire de longue durée(en moyenne 18 à 24 mois de tenue), utilisé pour redonner du volume en différentes localisations du visage

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Scultra 2 vials of 5 ml


Sculptra is perfect for restoration and/or correction of the signs of facial fat loss, or lipoatrophy.

Sculptra is approves by the FDA.


Sculptra  is a revolutionary injection offering progressive results that are noticeable immediately. Collagen levels are increased within the body to restore their natural function. Collagen is a type of fat which can be lost overtime resulting in saggy skin lacking firmness.


Sculptra treatment creates the opposite effect and reverses any loss by restoring it. 


Sculptra ingredient is Poly-L-lactic acid.


The active ingredient of Sculptra restores all the lost collagen by absorbing into the skin as naturally as possible.

  • The solution works to reverse the signs of ageing.
  • 3 treatments are required over the period duration. 
  • The effects last for 2 years







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