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SIMETRO 1.25 ML (Equivalent to radiesse)

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SIMETRO 1 syringe of 1.25 ml Simetro is the newest calcium hydroxyapatite dermal filler, equivalent to Radiesse

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1 syringe of 1.25 ml


Simetro is the newest calcium hydroxyapatite dermal filler, equivalent to Radiesse


Simetro is designed to restore the volume of the face and model the natural contour of the face, having an immediate effect, but also durable. Simetro also provides a strong skin rejuvenation effect.


Simetro is fully biodegradable, biocompatible and slowly resorbable, but not permanent. In addition to the instant volume effect, SIMETRO stimulates the natural process of collagen synthesis (neocollagenesis) of the skin, thus improving the quality of the skin, a result that is maintained in the long term.


The results are natural and last up to 2 years, depending on the amount injected, the age of the patient and the quality of the skin.


Simetro is produced in accordance with the highest international quality standards ISO9001 and ISO13485, GMP standards and is CE certified.


The product is prepared under high quality conditions in a sterile environment in accordance with ISO 14644 and the evaluation of the biocompatibility of the product is in accordance with ISO 10933.


Non allergenic, so it is not necessary to carry out allergy tests before treatment. The risk of side effects and inflammation is limited by our unique process of purification and sterilization. Because of its high viscosity and elasticity, Simetro remains in the injected area, which facilitates modeling in the treated area.


The syringe is: Glass, disposable, latex free, light, and easy to handle during injection, graduated for maximum precision and precise reading of injected volume - luerlock, no waste of product, ergonomic With a special shape of the piston rod and the rotating handle for maximum comfort of the doctor during the injection.


Simetro should be injected deep down subcutaneously or into the deep dermis using a 27G needle / cannula. Immediately after injection, Simetro provides a dramatic volume effect due to the gel matrix and CAHA microspheres. 2.


The CAHA microspheres form a "scaffold" (support network) and stimulate the growth of fibroblasts to produce collagen, resulting in new collagen fibers that, in 2 or 3 months, completely exchange the gel matrix. 3.

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