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VAGINAL AND PERINEAL TIGHTENING THREAD Box of 6 Promoitalia's Narrower Vaginal threads for lifting have a strict and unique manufacturing process compared to other threads.

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Box of 6 


Promoitalia's Narrower Vaginal threads for lifting have a strict and unique manufacturing process compared to other threads. 


The vaginal tightening treatment with Vaginal Narrower® yarns from Promoitilia is performed in case of functional and aesthetic defects related to vaginal entry that is too wide, usually resulting from natural work and the aging factor. In addition, patients with wide vaginal entry often complain of the sensation of increased secretion that irritates the vulvar area, causing wounds or secondary infections of the external reproductive organs. 


Vaginal Narrower from Promoitalia effectively eliminates this problem. 


The motivation of the patient to follow this treatment generally results from a poor quality of sexual life, caused by the sensation of a "loose" vaginal entry, generally accompanied by an aesthetic defect of the fork. 


As a rule, treatment is offered to women before the age of 60. In some cases, it can replace the plastic surgery of the back vaginal wall. 

The Vaginal Narrower procedure involves the application of anchor wires with hooks in both directions. 

One or two Vagibal Narrower threads are introduced through 4 to 6 very small and superficial incisions of the skin of the crotch into the subcutaneous tissue and muscle located superficially under the skin. 

Once the threads are linked, the procedure ends. 


The advantages of Promoitalia vaginal tightening threads:

  • Improvement of the comfort and the functioning of the crotch 
  • Imporve Aesthetic and sexuality 
  • Low treatment invasion 

What is the treatment with Promoitalia's Norrower Vaginal Lift Lines: 

  • Treatment is done under local anesthesia 
  • Scarring is fast and rapid recovery of physical and sexual activity, already after a few days 
  • Long-term effect that lasts even several years.



Are the results immediate and how long do they last?

  • Vaginal Narrower threads from Promoitalia are unique because of their manufacturing process. 
  • The results are instantaneous, the vaginal entry is narrowed and the aesthetic defects are corrected. 
  • The threads applied during the procedure provoke a fibrosis reaction, a collagen production, which leads to the development of the "traction vector", which makes it possible to preserve the effects, even after the absorption of the threads.
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