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Reference - HYALURS3
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HYALURONIC ACID 3% Box of 5vials of 5 ml Strong moisturizing power

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Ongoing replenishment
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5 Flacons x 5 ml


Hyauronic acid is a strong moisturizing power


Hyaluronic acid in 3% vial is used in course of 5 to 10 sessions spaced 5 days.


Hyaluronic acid 3% can be used in combination with Meso Polyvitamins or Meso Multitrace elements.


The results are more satisfactory than the other mesotherapy treatments with hyaluronic acid concentration of Meso HYALURONIC ACID of 10 mg / ml.


Hyaluronic acid increases the water content of the skin and helps prevent moisture loss. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold thousands of times its weight in water.


It has been shown that the presence of hyaluronic acid in the epithelial tissue promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes and increases the presence of retinoic acid, resulting in hydration of the skin.


Present in the extracellular matrix of basal keratinocytes, hyaluronic acid is essential to the structural integrity of the dermal collagen matrix.


These benefits make hyaluronic acid a very effective topical humectant. This is why it is used for the hydration of the epidermis and the reconstitution of the fibers that retain the cutaneous tissue.

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