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Reference - HYAMIRF

HYAMIRA FORTE: 1 Syringe of 1 ml Treatment of medium to deep face wrinkles, volume augmentation of cheekbones, chin, nose bridge and lips

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1 Seringue de 1 ml



Hyamira increases the volume of the dermo-epidermal tissue due to its natural ability of hydrophilic hyaluronic acid molecules attracting a moderate amount of water molecules to bond with them.


This allows the integration of the intercellular matrix, whilst filling intradermal spaces and making the tissues firmer.


The cross-linked hyaluronic acid contained in the product makes this filling effect longer lasting and more stable, the skin slowly absorbs Hyamira in 9 months, looking more natural for longer.



Benefits of Hyamira Forte:


  • Treatment of medium to deep face wrinkles 
  • Volume augmentation of cheekbones,
  • Chin,
  • Nose bridge
  • Lips Volume


Hyamira contains:

  • 25 mg/ml 1ml prefilled syringes
  • 2 needles 27G 


Hyamira is injected into the deep dermis, avoiding hypercorrections. The linear retrograde technique should be chosen over the serial puncture technique.




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