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» » » LIPOTROFIN (anti-cellulite, draining food complex)

LIPOTROFIN (anti-cellulite, draining food complex)

Reference - LIPOTROCA
22.68 €

LIPOTROFIN Box of 60 Capsules
Promotes the elimination of triglycerides with a defibrosis effect on connective tissue.

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LIPOTROFIN Capsules Anti-cellulite, draining

LIPOTROFIN Capsules Anti-cellulite, draining 




Box of 60 Capsules 


Anti-Cellulite Complex Tones the venous, arterial and lymphatic systems. Improves peripheral microcirculation. Promotes the elimination of triglycerides. 


Has a defibrosis effect on connective tissue. 



LIPOTROFIN, lipolytic, lymphatic drainage, anti-edema It has a moisturizing, regenerating effect, restores the elasticity of the skin. Improves visual acuity. 



Usage :


  • One capsule for breakfast and one capsule for lunch.


Ingredients :


  • Downy birch, field horsetail, butcher's broom, green tea, bamboo.
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