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» » » » XTRA SKIN REPAIR CREAM Regenerating with peptides 50 ML

XTRA SKIN REPAIR CREAM Regenerating with peptides 50 ML

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Powerful anti age and regenerating cream with biomimetics peptides and hyaluronic acid
For face and body

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50 ml jar 


Xtra Skin Repair Cream is a regenerating cream with great moisturizing power and a silky texture. Smoothes and repairs skin damage caused by environmental effects such as acne bottom, reduces acne scars, homogenizes the appearance of the skin, minimizes shiny areas, enlarged pores and blemishes. 


The skin regains its silky and velvety appearance.


COMBINATION OF ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS: Glycolic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, citric acid from botanical extracts. Responsible for an extraordinary renewal of the surface of the skin. It minimizes small wrinkles and folds of expression. 

The skin is smooth, silky and velvety. Xtra skin repair cream increases metabolism and cell renewal, achieving a rejuvenating action stimulated by alpha-hydroxy acids thereby increasing the production of mucopolysaccharides, collagen, elastin and reticulin. 


HYALURONIC ACID: Hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight structure is fixed in the epidermis to form a moisturizing film. Keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours, restores damaged skin Xtra Skin repair cream gives a silky touch to the skin, reducing shiny areas and correcting imperfections.


ESCUALENE is a natural component of the skin. Prevents loss of moisture and restores suppleness and suppleness of the skin.


LUPINUS ALBUS Extracts of pods of Lupinus Albus, rich in lupeol. Natural reshaping effect. Ensures the correct biosynthesis of the collagen type by giving the elasticity and firmness of the skin.


ARGAN OIL It is a classic ingredient of regenerative treatments, which restores the lipid phase lost due to the aging process. Improves turgor and elasticity of the skin.


RUTIN Powerful natural antioxidant. Helps stabilize mast cells. Reduces inflammatory process, capillary permeability and edema. Strengthens the elasticity of the skin


ORGANIC SILICON Silicon is a structural element of the connective tissue. Indispensable in the construction of elastin macromolecules, collagen, proteoglycans and glycoproteins, promoting and stimulating its regeneration. 


PHASEOLUS LUNATUS EXTRACT Antagonizes the effect of trypsin proteolytic enzymes, chymotrypsin and elastase, directly involved in the formation of stretch marks. Produces a protective effect among fibroblasts and collagen bonds.


PALMITOYL TATRAPEPTIDE-7 :Restore the damaged extracellular matrix, thus increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. 



  • Imperfections, irritated skin, irregular. 
  • Dilated pores. 
  • Oily and shiny skin (homogenizing effect and matifying). 
  • Acne scars 
  • Erythema 
  • Morning and evening. 
  • Previously clean and degrease the skin. 
  • Apply a small amount of fingertips with gentle circular movements until completely absorbed. 
  • Xtra skin repair cream can be used as a home treatment for stretch marks. In this case, apply morning and evening a small amount of fingertips following the line of stretch marks until completely absorbed.
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