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INFINI FILLER B BODY (Hyaluronic acid body 100 ML)

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INFINI FILLER B BODY LOT DE 10 BOITES è studiato per ridare volume al contorno della silhouette come glutei, polpacci, busto o mani
10 x 10 ml con aghi + 1 Scatolla Gratis

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10 x 10 ml 


Highly concentrated cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel to restore or increase soft tissue volume and shape body surface. 


INFINI FILLER BODY is designed to restore volume to the contour of the silhouette such as the buttocks, calves, bust or hands. 

INFINIT FILLER B BODY is perfect for extensive atrophies, unevenness created after liposuction treatments and volumetric body treatments. 




INFINI Premium Filler Body is a sterile, single phase, polymeric filler gel of hardened non-animal hyaluronic acid. INFINI Premium Filler Body I is a transparent and pyrogen-free hydrogel with corrective properties, characterized by very high viscoplasticity and high tissue biocompatibility. 


The product has a physiological pH and osmolarity and progressive absorption. 


INFINI Premium Filler B Body is placed in a graduated pre-filled syringe with a 10 ml luer-lock connector, Individually packaged in a blister with two 25G injection needles dedicated to the implantation of the product. 


The packaging also contains a leaflet with instructions for use and self-adhesive labels with batch numbers for medical records, ensuring full product identification.

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