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» » » DIVES FINE LINES (Rughe intorno agli occhi e sulla fronte)

DIVES FINE LINES (Rughe intorno agli occhi e sulla fronte)

Reference - DIVESFL
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DIVES FINE LINES Used to treat wrinkles around the eyes, and fine wrinkles on the forehead and face
Box of 1 Syringe of 1 ml
Patented technology for better durability

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Box of 1 Syringe of 1 ml 


The innovative production technology protected by a patent of DIVES MED makes it possible to lengthen the durability of the product and to increase its Viscoelasticity. 


The use of long chains only with a single, dense and orderly arrangement ensures high stability and resistance to metabolization. 


Their dynamic and plastic structure results from the innovative protection of acid molecules with a three-dimensional network of uncrosslinked acid chains. 


A highly structured, well-arranged and externally stabilized nucleus slows down the process of decomposition of acid molecules and increases its efficiency. 


  • Smoothing of superficial wrinkles around the eyes (Crow's feet), Forehead wrinkles, Correction of fine wrinkles around the mouth, Correction of the ear lobes and skin of the hands.



The advantages of Dives Filler


  • Optimal acid concentration for natural effects 
  • Extraordinary plasticity allowing a smooth and precise implantation 
  • Pharmaceutical acid quality and advanced production technology 
  • Patented Safe Core technology increases the plasticity of the preparation, while maintaining optimal filling properties Prolonged biodegradation time using only long and evenly arranged acid chains with a concentrically protected core Marked with German CE0297 and ISO 13485 medical certificate
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