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» » » HYDRA ROYAL PEEL (3 vials of 5ml)

HYDRA ROYAL PEEL (3 vials of 5ml)

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HYDRA ROYAL PEEL is a specialized stimulator to increase hydration and firm the skin
Studied for sensitive skin
Box of 3 x 5ml

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Box of 3 x 5ml



HYDRA ROYAL PEEL is a specialized stimulator to increase hydration and firm the skin


The formula of Hydra Royal Peel is very gentle, studied for sensitive skin, causing minimal irritation and a long-lasting cooling effect, and the treatment procedure can be used all year round.


The peeling is dedicated to the renewal of mature, dry and tired skin, devoid of radiance and tension.


It is also dedicated to sensitive skin, in particular for the revitalization of the skin of the eyelids and the eye contour.


The synergistic combination of acids has a positive effect on the renewal of the hydrolipidic skin and coat, ensuring a long-lasting moisturizing effect.


The lactic acid content accelerates the renewal rate of epidermal cells, giving the skin a long-lasting skin-refreshing effect, without feeling dry.


In addition, with the participation of tranexamic acid, the treatment inhibits melanogenic processes, effectively reducing the formation of discoloration and hyperpigmentation.


Thanks to its high content of antioxidant ferulic acid, it perfectly soothes the consequences of exogenous aging and makes the skin insensitive to ultraviolet rays and the negative influence of pollution, smog and other environmental factors. In order to optimize the effects of the treatment, we recommend combining the HYDRA ROYAL PEEL procedure with HYDRA ROYAL Booster, HYDRA ROYAL 60mg and HYDRA ROYAL MASK.





  • Peeling Acid Complex, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Ferulic Acid, Tranexamic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Herbal Extracts, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, Morus Extract, Alba Amino Arginine HCL
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