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» » » FOX EYES THREADS (Raise eyebrows, Enlarge eyes,)

FOX EYES THREADS (Raise eyebrows, Enlarge eyes,)

Reference - FOXEYE21G14.5CM
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Pack of 4 Threads



The Fox-Eye Thread-Lift (also known as Cat-Eye Thread-lift) is a fast, minimally invasive, no downtime, no pain procedure. 


Celebrities love eyebrow lift with the world's most experienced and experienced Fox-Eye lift specialists. In Europe the method is less well known. 


Have you noticed that over time your eyes and eyebrows have sagged, making you look more tired and older? 


Thanks to the WR HD Fox Eyes yarns you can fight this ptosis, with an eye lift you can improve the appearance of your eyes and even better without surgery. 



Also known as the cat eye lift, Whiterose Threads for Fox eyes are very successful. 


Facelift Threads for FOX EYES are unique, approved by CE, German Notified Body, FDA, KFDA and GMP, ISO13485: 2016 certified. 


The procedure itself is incredibly quick and can be done in 15-20 minutes. 


Once you've had your treatment, you need to stay on the t-clame for a day or two, so be sure to rest and get your feet up, and before you know it you'll be back to your normal routine. Fox eyes Whiterose yarns are more durable than other yarns on the market today. 




  • 21Gx 60 cannulas 
  • Wire Length: 11.5cm 
  • 6.0 


The installation of tensor threads is a medical act

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