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» » » VOLUME UP THREAS 15 CM (Redensifies the dermis,Treats, wrinkles on the cheeks, neckline and body)

VOLUME UP THREAS 15 CM (Redensifies the dermis,Treats, wrinkles on the cheeks, neckline and body)

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Pack of 20 threads 


Whiterose Volume Up Tensor Threads are designed to treat  wrinkles on the cheeks,neckline and body wrinkles ,stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, thereby redensifying the dermis. 


Whiterose tensor threads are considered the new gold standard in tensor threads, 


However, Whiterose Aesthetic Tensor Threads is produced at a much higher manufacturing rate than some others on the market. 


Volume Up White Rose fully complies with European directives,FDA and all the most important directives in the world.


The production site is the only one with 6D technology and manufactures the yarn itself, which makes it very unique and exclusive. 


White Rose tensor threads are proven and, compared to others, are of superior quality Considered the new gold standard for more durable advanced absorbent yarns. 


White Rose tensor threads give exceptional patient results, 


The range of tensor threads is composed of totally absorbable sutures, formed from PDO (polydioxanone), specially designed to resist enzymatic attacks and stimulate the skin in an optimal and homogeneous manner. 


The particular manufacturing process guarantees extreme flexibility and tensile strength. 


Compared to standard multifilament sutures, Whiterose tensor yarn is found to be more biocompatible and more resistant to bacterial adhesion, essential for safety and biocompatibility. 


The implantation is performed on an outpatient basis without requiring anesthesia, by applying a local anesthetic cream at most 15/20 minutes before. 





  • Needle 25G x  90 mm 
  • Wire Length 15 cm 
  • Threads 5.0




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